Matovic: I’m Ashamed of President Zuzana Caputova

Finance Minister Igor Matovic (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, July 15 (TASR) – I’m ashamed of President Zuzana Caputova, Finance Minister Igor Matovic declared in a social network post on Friday.

Matovic responded this way to President Caputova’s decision to challenge the anti-inflation bill, sponsored by Matovic and passed in Parliament against her veto, in the Constitutional Court.

“Unfortunately, the hatred against me is coarsing through her to such an extent that she has no compunction to sacrifice the fate of 2.5 million children and parents. Only the person for whom families mean nothing but numbers can fight tooth and nail against the aid for families in such difficult times,” Matovic wrote.

President Caputova announced her decision on Thursday (July 14). She underlined that she wasn’t challenging the bill in the court because she was against the aid for families, but rather to make sure that aid was targeted, timely and efficient. She criticised the passing of the bill in a fast-tracked procedure and maintained that the content of the legislation stands in breach of constitutional rules of budgetary responsibility and transparency.