Most-Hid: Matovic Threatening Talks on Forming Rightist Government

Most-Hid criticises Matovic for threatening talks on forming government (photo by TASR)

Slovak-Hungarian reconciliation party Most-Hid is sorry that OLaNO-NOVA leader Igor Matovic continues to play the games that he started before the general election, not realising that steps like this could threaten negotiations on forming a rightist government, said Most-Hid spokesman Matej Kovac on Friday.

Before the election, Matovic distributed 250,000 leaflets throughout southern Slovakia, calling on people to vote for the ethnic Hungarian Coalition Party (SMK) rather than Most-Hid. On a social network on Friday he pointed to a commentary published by Slovnaft oil refinery chief Oszkar Vilagi in Hospodarske Noviny daily, claiming that Vilagi was pointing to a coalition involving Most-Hid and Smer-SD.

Kovac urged all parties participating in talks on forming a rightist government to engage in well-considered, stabilising steps and statements. “Most-Hid is a standard political party, was acting like this before the election and is acting like this in the situation that has emerged from the general election. Most-Hid’s position hasn’t changed since the election. We refused to hold talks on forming a government with [Smer-SD chairman] Robert Fico and we’ll continue with talks on forming a stable rightist government,” declared the spokesman.

Kovac finds it important to consider how many seats each of the parties involved can guarantee for such a formation, and this includes Matovic’s OLaNO-NOVA movement. “If Igor Matovic cares about forming a rightist government rather than covering up his problems that might sooner or later cause problems in the coalition, he should finally stop making statements attacking his colleagues, as this moves the level of trust that the government must be built on to the minimum,” he added.

Matovic told TASR that his post on a social network wasn’t an attack on Most-Hid, but just a summary of Vilagi’s commentary. “I don’t get it why Most-Hid is attacking me at all. If they have any problem with the commentary, they should contact Mr. Vilagi,” he stressed.