Nad: Slovakia Ready to Take Care of Ukrainian War Refugees If Tensions Flare Up

Defence Minister Jaroslav Nad (photo by TASR)

Brussels, February 16 (TASR) – Should tensions between Ukraine and Russia escalate and a war breaks out, Slovakia is ready to provide shelter to Ukrainian war refugees, Slovak Defence Minister Jaroslav Nad (OLaNO) stated at a meeting of NATO defence ministers in Brussels on Wednesday.

“We’ve been preparing for a scenario in which there’s a large influx of refugees from Ukraine to Slovakia. Let me note that if this situation takes place, these won’t be economic but war refugees,” said Nad, claiming that the Government has been preparing for this scenario since October 2021.

According to the minister, it goes without saying that Slovakia would take appropriate care of the refugees. “Both the logistics and security of the process should be ensured,” said the minister, noting that it shouldn’t be a political issue in the country as “it’s our duty” to take care of refugees.

“But, then again, we all firmly believe that such a scenario will not take place and that the situation will be resolved via diplomatic and political means instead of military ones,” he remarked.