Together Party to Elect Its New Chairman Electronically

Together representative Juraj Hips (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, April 14 (TASR) – The extra-parliamentary Together party will elect its new chairman at a party congress scheduled for April 25 in an electronic manner, party spokesperson Silvia Hudackova told TASR on Tuesday, adding that Juraj Hips and Pavel Macko are running for the post.

According to Hudackova, the party decided to use an electronic form with regards to the coronavirus pandemic and because it no longer wanted to wait for a congress at which the delegates could be physically present. She stressed that the party has consulted the procedure with the Interior Ministry, which has permitted an electronic election under the condition that other legal requirements are observed.

“The membership base has decided that we’ll no longer keep postponing the congress, as we need a new management that will start working on a new vision and actively engage in political action from the opposition. An internal campaign is also being carried out exclusively in an electronic form – we’re presenting opinions, discussing and organising live discussions via Facebook,” said the party’s chancellor Martin Vavrincik.

Following the party’s failure in the February general election, its chairman to date Miroslav Beblavy announced that he would give up his post. Together ran in the general election in a coalition with Progressive Slovakia. As a coalition it needed at least 7 percent of the votes to make it into Parliament, but it garnered 6.96 percent, falling short by a mere 926 votes.