Premier Called on People to Go to Polls and Decide Where Slovakia Will Go

Premier Called on People to Go to Polls and Decide Where Slovakia Will Go

Bratislava, February 26 (TASR) – In his speech to citizens on Wednesday evening, Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini (Smer-SD) urged people to vote on Saturday (February 29), pointing out that the future shape of Slovak policy should be decided by residents of all towns and villages in Slovakia.

“That is why I invite all of you to the polls regardless of where you live,” said the premier, noting that the parliamentary election is perhaps the most important of all in terms of quality of life. “Therefore, first of all, I want to ask you to express your opinion, to use your right to vote and decide where Slovakia will go in the upcoming four years,” he said.

The prime minister stressed that because of the election, people have a unique opportunity to influence life in the country. “No one else, only the citizens of the Slovak Republic have the right to tell to whom they will give their mandate to manage public affairs. Only people will decide who will represent them, and that’s right. Let’s not be taken away this opportunity,” emphasised the premier.

Pellegrini would like all the Slovak regions to speak with a strong voice. “I’m convinced that Slovakia will only be as strong as its individual parts. Just as the strength of each family is built on intergenerational solidarity, the strength of the state must rely on solidarity and mutual assistance between the centre and regions,” he noted.

The premier also wishes that the election, no matter how it will end, shouldn’t divide people. He says he is worried about how politics alienates families, friends and colleagues. The prime minister therefore calls for the unity of the nation. “We’re expecting new times, full of changes, and we must cross their threshold together. Therefore, let’s not be led in the election by hatred but rather interest in Slovakia’s future and its national cohesion,” he concluded.