President Announces Call for Anti-extremist Apps and Websites

President Announces Call for Anti-extremist Apps and Websites

Bratislava, April 18 (TASR) – Slovak President Andrej Kiska has announced a call for creating apps, websites, videos and games that would help to suppress intolerance, TASR learnt on Tuesday.

Applications are available on and the deadline to send them is May 15. The finals will take place in the Presidential Palace on June 12.

“Help me and join my team. Create functional tools that will help suppress prejudices against people. Let’s stand up to hatred together,” appeals Kiska to the potential applicants on his website.

The entries of this presidential hackathon can include apps, websites, games, videos and data visualisations. “Try to figure out how to cope with the issue of growing extremism in society in a creative and positive manner,” said the president. He stressed that it’s enough for people to do nothing for evil to spread. “We must not resign,” he said.

Those able to create three-to-five member teams can join the contest. These might be representatives of the private sector, NGOs, as well as students. A recommended team composition would be a developer, designer and marketer.

After the deadline’s expiration, a jury will pick five teams that will have a month to implement their proposals. The jury will then choose one from the accomplished proposals that were presented; however, all the ideas should be published.

The members of the victorious team will accompany the president on a foreign trip and thus have an opportunity to familiarise themselves with top innovations, research and start-ups.