PS-Together Coalition Presents Ten Measures for Rural Areas

PS-Together Coalition Presents Ten Measures for Rural Areas

Bratislava, December 11 (TASR) – The extra-parliamentary Progressive Slovakia (PS)-Together coalition presented ten measures aimed at supporting rural development on Tuesday (December 10).

The coalition wants to prevent a drop in employment in traditional professions and to dissuade people of productive age from leaving rural areas. PS-Together wants to support young families, expand the primary-school network, support family farming and increase interest among GPs in opening surgeries in small towns and villages.

“There are two Slovakias. One Slovakia is comprised of cities, towns and their suburbs, while the other Slovakia is made up of localities on the periphery, municipalities that are often neglected even by district offices,” said MP Viera Dubacova.

PS chairman Michal Truban rejected the claim that the PS-Together coalition is only interested in large towns or the residents of Bratislava. “Slovakia should be a cohesive country in which everyone gets a fair chance to live a good life, either in town or village,” said Truban.

According to Dubacova, people in the regions are having to face basic problems, such as building sewage networks, providing potable water, enabling children to travel to school and caring for seniors. The coalition’s leaders believe that the problems of people living in rural areas can be resolved, however.