Slovakia Signs Contract on Purchase of 8x8 Armoured Vehicles with Finland

Slovakia Signs Contract on Purchase of 8x8 Armoured Vehicles with Finland

Bratislava, August 30 (TASR) – Slovakia has signed an inter-governmental agreement on the purchase of 8×8 armoured military vehicles with Finland, Slovak Defence Minister Jaroslav Nad (OLaNO) announced following the meeting with his Finnish counterpart Antti Kaikkonen on Tuesday.

Finland should supply Slovakia with 76 armoured vehicles in total, with the first one being delivered to the country in September 2023. Total price of the contract, including logistics, infrastructure and ammunition, is €447 million.

“We have fulfilled all the prerequisites to be able to conclude a transparent and for Slovakia very beneficial contract that will bring very important capabilities to the Slovak Armed Forces they did not have until now,” said the Slovak minister.

According to Nad, contracts have also been signed between state-run Konstrukta Defence company and the Finnish company Patria, as well as between the Slovak Defence Ministry and Patria. He declared an over 40-percent engagement of Slovakia’s defence industry. “More than 40 Slovak companies will benefit from this order,” he said.

The Finnish Patria AMVXP 8×8 vehicle in the configuration with Turra-30 turret and 30-mm cannon succeeded in the tender that was joined by five countries. The new armoured military vehicles will serve as the basis in meeting NATO-related commitments to create a heavy mechanised brigade.