Cardinal Emeritus Jozef Tomko Dies in Rome

Bratislava, August 8 (TASR) - Cardinal emeritus Jozef Tomko died at the age of 98 in Rome on Monday morning, TASR was told by the Slovak Episcopal Conference's (KBS) press office.

OLaNO: SaS’s Campaign against Us to Blame for Nad’s Thoughts on Quitting

Bratislava, August 7 (TASR) - Not only Defence Minister Jaroslav Nad, but other OLaNO representatives are tired of the current state of political affairs...

Monitor: Defence Minister Nad Considering Leaving Politics

Bratislava, August 7 (TASR) - Speaking at a summer festival at the weekend, Defence Minister Jaroslav Nad (OLaNO) claimed that he's considering leaving politics...

Krajniak: Nearly €2.5 bn Paid Out from ‘First Aid’ Scheme During Pandemic

Bratislava, August 5 (TASR) - Almost €2.476 billion was paid out from the so-called 'First Aid' scheme designed to maintain employment during the novel...

SaS Rules Out Any Form of Opposition Agreement

Bratislava, August 5 (TASR) - The Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party rules out any form of opposition agreement, party spokesman Ondrej Sprlak told TASR...

Museum to Present Warhol Prints on Kremenec Peak in Poloniny Mountains

Medzilaborce, August 4 (TASR) - Eight exhibition prints by Andy Warhol will be taken to Kremenec, the highest peak of the Poloniny Mountains on...

EC Approves Slovak Scheme to Support Intermodal Freight Transport

Brussels, August 4 (TASR-correspondent) - The European Commission (EC) on Thursday announced that it's approved the allocation of €30 million as part of a Slovak scheme to support the transition of freight transport from exclusively road to combined road-rail transport and road-inland water transport.

Electricity Price in Slovakia Breaks Records, Exceeding €400 per Megawatthour

Bratislava, August 3 (TASR) - Increases in energy prices aren't slowing down; the price of electricity for Slovakia with delivery next year has already...

Analysis Shows Iron Level in Slana River Admissible for Surface Waters

Bratislava, August 3 (TASR) - Results of the last analysis of the water in the polluted Slana River confirmed that the level of iron in it has decreased by 96 percent, TASR has learnt from the Economy Ministry's press department.

Premier: No One Should Be Discriminated Against Because of Ethnic Origin

Bratislava, August 2 (TASR) - No one should be discriminated against and put in the role of an inferior because of ethnic origin, wrote Premier Eduard Heger (OLaNO) on a social network on the occasion of Roma Holocaust Memorial Day on Tuesday.